Countdown Stage

 Live visuals, festival

  2016 - current project

Creating the visual aspects for Countdown
stage at Roskilde Festival. 
Working with artists like Gents,Sassy 009,
Mechatok and many more. 

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Project : New Nordic Visual Project /
Countdown stage, Roskilde
2016 - current

Countdown stage has for the past four years been focusing on visuals as a medium, experimenting with visuals as a contribution to a new dimesion of festival concerts. As a collaboration with Roskilde Festival we’ve been trying to promote new visual artist and fascilitate the future of creative collaborations within music and visual arts. Curating a diverse group of new visual artist to perform, creating own content for the stage and doing visuals for several of the musicians performing on stage.

︎ Rasmus Stride
︎ Lars Buchholtz

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